Good Lord, I Shrunk the Marys

How have the women fallen! Jesus and the disciple on the right are full size while the artist has shrunk Mary Magdalene to a womunculus. The above mosaic, from St. Mark’s in Venice, was completed between 1200 and 1250 CE. Eight hundred years earlier, the Church father, Hippolytus, pointed out (implicitly) that she was the first apostle: “Lest the female apostles doubt the angels, Christ himself came to them so that the women would be apostles of Christ… therefore the women announced the good news to the apostles…’” in fact, the statement contains an error. The men were only disciples at that time. They didn’t become apostles (that is, those sent) until, just before his ascension Jesus, appointed them to go out and teach all nations. Thus Mary is, de facto, the first apostle. The church conveniently forgot that as the patriarchy tightened its hold on Christianity. Yet in early Christianity, she was a major figure, especially in Egypt where a Gospel of Mary was discovered in the 1890s.

I discuss this at length in my book, Cover-Up: How the Church Silenced Jesus’ True Heirs, which will be coming out next winter.

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During the month of June, I took a course called Building an Audience (primarily on the internet) at the University of Toronto. Around 7:30 on June 8, some of us became aware of a swishing sound coming in through the open doorway. The woman sitting to my left leaned over and whispered, “Is that rain?” The woman on the other side of me thought it must be people cleaning the halls.
Well, it was rain, heavy rain. When I got home, I was met with a strange sight. A huge limb, which had been torn off a tree, lay across the lawn. I thought: Is that the neighbors dumping their junk on us again? and went to bed. The next morning, I was startled to see a full-grown tree lying prone, roots sticking up into the air in the parking lot of the Cliffside Shopping Center where I shop for groceries. When I went into the bulk store, the woman who usually waits on me was still excited about the devastation the storm had wreaked around her home on Midland Avenue. See first picture below. It was then that I realized the limb of the lawn was our limb; our apartment complex had been a scene of devastation while I was at class. I felt quite deprived and even more so when I obtained pictures of the wreckage. I love storms and that would have been a very exciting one to watch. Oh well, I shall just have to make do with the pictures.

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