Why did the Da Vinci Code go viral?

Abundant evidence from around the world (Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cyprus, India, Iraq, Iran, Kosovo, Macedonia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sudan, etc.) that religion can motivate people to commit violence, mass murder and genocide. Thus books that document unsavory secrets in the church’s past fascinate people. That’s what I have in my book: two conspiracies: 1. to cover up its suppression of the Nazarenes who tried to bring in the kingdom of justice here on earth and 2. to cover up the prominent roles women played in in the early church which would undermine its determination to keep them out of the priesthood now.

About lawrencegoudge

I hope my book will spur the church to return to its roots: to strive for justice in this world just as Jesus and his first followers did.
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